Why BizCanvas?

ERP systems generally require substantial infrastructure for them to run from. This may include multiple purpose built servers to manage various independent tasks. These servers generally require specific and costly operating systems for the various parts of the ERP software to be installed upon.

As well as having a strong purpose build internal network infrastructure, these systems usually also require the installation of leased lines to be able to handle the upload traffic inherent when serving outward facing channels such as eCommerce stores, remote public kiosks, EPOS systems and remote agent management access portals, to name a few.

To top this off, a team of expert level staff has to be employed full time to manage the daily running of the system and to cure incidents as they occur. However, there are times when even the expert technical staffs have to request the involvement of the expensive technical support agents to physically visit the premises to resolve issues outside the scope of the internal staff's abilities. All of these expenses are a common phenomena when working with any mainstream ERP.

A hidden, albeit much greater, threat that usually goes unnoticed when deciding an ERP system is the end-of-life of physical hardware infrastructure which forms the backbone of the system and therefore the business. Every server is prone to real-world issues such as hardware failure (e.g hard disk failure, cpu failure, motherboard failure). Even redundant hardware are subjected to the same level of possible failures. Generally, a common fail-safe measure is to recommend the use of backup and RAID facilities. But these systems are also subject to the same level of real-world failures as any other hardware.

To counteract these failures, businesses usually upgrade their hardware infrastructure every few years. This is a costly process because it requires backup of data, installation of hardware, installation of software, configuration of software and reinstatement of data whenever a hardware upgrade is required.

This extra maintenance requirement has a serious impact on the total cost of ownership with current mainstream ERP systems.

This is where BizCanvas strives as it suffers from none of these issues.

BizCanvas doesn't require any server or network infrastructure. BizCanvas runs on our dedicated server clusters which are housed in state of the art datacentres with fibre optics network facilities insuring 99.9% uptime. The actual core system runs in a hypervisor supported by a host of dedicated server clusters. This eliminates the need to stop the core components while upgrades are being carried out. This also ensures that in an unlikely event of the server crashing, a second, third or even a fourth instance can kick in immediately without any serious delays. Through this method, we can infinitely upgrade and add more server clusters without having to reconfigure the hypervisor environment insuring the system keeps running year after year.

Therefore, not only will BizCanvas save the cost of specialized internal infrastructure of a business, it will also eliminate the need to take up highly skilled, specialized technical staff.


For an ERP system to be affective, it needs to be configured and customized around the business model. Current ERP systems are inherently difficult and time consuming to configure and customize. Some systems are so rigid, they require drastic changes to the methods of which the business carries out its day to day tasks.

This sometimes has disastrous consequence especially when users find it difficult and unintuitive to navigate or follow work patterns to which they have become accustomed to. In such cases, staff have to be trained to work in new ways and find it difficult to adapt to these changes.

If not trained properly, human errors can increase significantly enough to cause customer service to suffer. In worst cases, a business may loose customers because its staff is too busy with administration of the system instead of using it to speed up their tasks.

BizCanvas is designed to be flexible from the ground up. BizCanvas can be structured around the requirements of the commercial entity and its business processes. Staff can continue to do what they've had the practice for whilst simply letting BizCanvas make their tasks quicker, therefore increasing capacity and throughput.

Instead of being a chore, BizCanvas is designed to be easy and helpful in order to speed up and automate tedious tasks, saving time and resources whilst streamlining data flow between various departments and divisions of the business.

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